As a company who believes in significantly contributing towards sustainable living and responsible use and conservation of energy we are into the selling of products that mainly focus on helping the people and the planet use energy is a sensible and correct way.

We offer a range of products that span across rechargeable batteries, recyclable and renewable battery options along with a wide variety of battery chargers for digital cameras, portable music players, Computer peripherals, FRS radios, laptops, camera flashes, video games. GPS systems and other portable electronics. We also have to offer products that work on solar energy and solar battery chargers. Visit our company website to more about our products along with their detailed descriptions.

When our valued customers purchase our products, they know they are doing their bit towards contributing to making the world greener and more sustainable and conserving some of our valuable, non-renewable and replenishable resources for our future generations. Our products also symbolize that we lead by example and are encouraging more and more people to use energy resources and products more carefully and wisely. All the products we offer are either –

  • Recyclable

Products like our GoGreen Alkaline and Lithium Batteries are made with completely recyclable technology and are made using recycled paper, plastic and steel cans. Even the packaging of these batteries is done using soy ink.

  • Reusable and Rechargeable or

Our NiMH and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are rechargeable and reusable which are longer lasting, have a higher capacity and are completely eco-friendly products. To top it all they are a complete value for money are less expensive as compared to non-rechargeable batteries.

  • Renewable

The sun’s energy is a wonderful source of never ending renewable energy also called solar energy. Using this source of energy, we offer solar battery chargers, power film solar products and solar ovens for cooking.

Like all who believe that sustainable living is the secret to a better future, our company too is committed to towards making our planet greener.

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