Portable Power and Its Role In Energy Conservation


I’m sure not even a single one of us can imagine life on this planet without the uses of power supply in some form or the other. Right from the time, we wake up till we go to bed our lives are completely ruled by electronic devices which work only various sources of power. Electric lights, the air conditioning systems, water heaters, various kitchen appliances, our mobile phones, laptops, computer peripherals, and so many more things that we can’t do without. Power is the lifeline for the operation of all such electronic devices. Most of these appliances use a direct source of power supply.

Direct sources of power are normally got from electricity that we get from power stations. Most of the power produced in these stations use heat energy which is produced from burning coal. Coal is a fossil fuel which started forming millions of years ago, by the transformation of dead and organic plant matter. This fossil fuel is a non-renewable source of energy which is fast depleting. To ensure, that we don’t run out of this resource sooner than expected we all have to make judicious efforts to conserve it and use alternative renewable sources of power to make all our electronic devices work with the same ease.

One of the ways this power can be generated especially in a place where the direct power supply is unable to reach is using portable power supply sources. These sources also are effective when there is an interruption in the regular power supply. Certain gadgets and devices need a continuous supply for maximum efficiency like refrigerators, for various lifesaving medical equipment in hospitals, in industries, in certain research laboratories where work is continuously being monitored for effective results and also during major events and functions. In all such cases, alternative and portable power can easily be supplied with the help of battery power.

What is a portable battery power supply?

Portable battery supply comes extremely handy in all such situations where a direct supply is not able to reach like when you are on the go or at places where there is no such provision like in remote camping areas and the likes.

Several portable power supply devices are now being manufactured which run on the principle of converting chemical energy directly to electrical energy.

 Depending on the need of power supply there are severable portable power supply devices available for you to choose from-

  • Generators

There are two types of generators that are available which are used when the demand for power is higher. Some of them run on gasoline or diesel and there are others which are battery operated and electrically operated. Generators come in various sizes and with different outputs. The ones that are used for commercial purposes are heavy-duty and are bigger in size. The smaller ones are used for domestic use.

  • Portable power banks

This type of portable power supply is the most popular and the most needed energy source for people today. It is useful for charging portable lights, and fans, mobile phones, digital cameras, music players, video games and even laptops. The size and capacity and compatibility of the power banks again depend on how much power is needed.

  • Portable solar power panels

These are power sources that rely on the sun’s rays to generate power. This type of energy is called renewable energy and can use to power a wide range of products and appliances.  This type of energy that can be easily got from renewable and replenishable sources is also called green energy.  To encourage sustainable lifestyles and saving our planet from complete darkness soon, promoting the use of more green energy is the primary motto of many individuals and companies.

Portable solar energy panels are environment-friendly sources of energy are very effective too. They can be used both for commercial as well as domestic purposes. These panels are much in demand by a large segment of users because they can be used for lighting as well as heating too.

Let’s send out a strong message to one and all about the benefits of using alternative power sources other than direct electricity. This message should aim at telling everyone how to make a difference in conserving our natural non-renewable resources and making the world a greener and more sustainable place to live in.


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